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     Pre-WWII Kendo & Gekiken information and its practice are rare and hard to come by, even in Japan itself. Furthermore, these are frequently available only in Japanese language.

Gekiken.org's Mission is to:
  • translate Pre-WWII Kendo, Gekiken & Kenjutsu information into English
  • preserve the practice of Kenjutsu (Japanese traditional swordsmanship)
  • promote a fencing environment where swordsmen are free to use their own style

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    1) Jikishinkage Ryu Densho
         This is the Densho or manual of the Jikishinkage Ryu sword style. Inside this manual, it describes the sword practice drills with a partner using a Bokken. Gekiken.org is dedicated to the practice, preservation & proliferation of Japanese sword and weaponry arts, hence we are sharing this manual here as a free download.

         If you'd like to practice Jikishinkage Ryu specifically, please visit their Wikipedia Page for a list of Dojos.

    2) Pre-WWII Vintage Kendo Manual
         "Kendo Tadashii Manabi Kata" (Correct Way To Learn Kendo) is a Pre-WWII vintage Kendo manual, published on 20th October 1933. It contains techniques not found in modern Kendo, such as grappling.

         This book also contains information on how to fence against other weapons, such as Naginata, Spear, Bayonet Rifle, Short Sword etc...

    3) 19th Century Gekiken Manual
         "Gekiken Jujutsu Shinan" (Instructional Guide to Gekiken & Jujutsu) is a vintage book, published on Meiji 30th Year, November 1897. It uses the term “Gekiken” for Japanese sword fencing practice, and pre-dates even Pre-WWII Kendo.

         In additional to swordsmanship, it also contains information on Spear, Staff, Sickles, Archery, Horse-riding and Swimming. Overall it serves as a complete training manual for a warrior.

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